Frustrated by seeing “ninjas” and “gurus” popping up in the social media and content marketing spaces, I knew something had to be done. Thus, the idea for Vociferous Marketing was born.

Having spent the last 12 years in a corporate marketing environment, I know that marketing has to earn its revenue keep in this world. It has to be executed based upon real data and research and most of all, an actual plan. There is no substitute for doing due diligence and thinking a project through.

I was recently asked by Content Marketing World what I would be doing if I wasn’t in marketing. I can’t even imagine not being a marketer. As a bit of a geek, I love data and the scientific method. The best marketing is about digging into the data, having a hypothesis, testing it and then optimizing based upon those results. But then there is this other, glorious side of creativity and gut. The combination of these two worlds is what has made me love marketing from day one.

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